Where do you think iPad design came from?

Re: Space Odyssey 1968
Re: Space Odyssey 1968

Futurist thinking, imagination and design ideas often help catalyze today’s progress. The idea of designing a future home in Space or on other Planets may seem unreal or rather useless at first. The logical mind does its job to filter and make choices based on the economy of effort, avoiding the unnecessary, and focusing effort on that which is more tangible and urgent.

However, as we can see, new ideas and tools are invented every day.  From the Iphone to a microwave, from an anti-mosquito, or anti-malaria derived tennis racket, to a 3D printed kidney – and soon, instant delivery drones and an air-to-water converter. See some more proof HERE.

Whose mind will lead to making our life easier next?

Virtual Reality goggle vs Star Trek headset