The Winners of Mars City Design Competition 2016

Photo credit: David W Chan and Ron Sparkman



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Structure Category

by Alain Robert 

and United Atelier team:

Liu Le Kang & Xie Xin Cong   



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Structure Category 

by Reza Eslami and Asal Shokati



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Agriculture Category

by Jeff & Melissa Pernell 

and team of Galactic Farms



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Infrastructure Category 

by Karan Gandhi



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Infrastructure Category 

by Ava Iranmanesh & MIT Team



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Architecture Category 

by Matthew Jennings



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Architecture Category

by Eugene Jahng 

& Prof. Christina Ciardullo of CMU


‘Local Positioning System (LPS)’

Best Mars City Design 2016

for Innovation Category

by Dean Little and team (Piyush Patil)



Best Mars City Design 2016

for Human Health Category 

By Adrian Pelkus


‘Mars Terraforming Platform (MTP)’

Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Human Environment Category 

by Dean Little and team (Pablo Fregenal Sotelo)


Award Recipients of the 2016 Mars City Design Competition and the Launch of 2017

Los Angeles, CA: Students and professionals from around the globe competed in the 2016 Mars City Design Competition and the winners were announced at the Gala on Thursday September 29, 2016.

The evening featured the winning designs and innovations for sustainable cities on Mars, through an exhibition of the projects via; panels, videos, architectural poems, urban design 3D models, engineering drawings and mathematics along with fiction stories of Mars.

The Gala proved to be a fanciful conclusion to the yearlong project. Among the many entrants in the international contest, twenty teams were selected as finalists to participate in this year’s Mars City Design Gala Award Ceremony 2016.

Spending a dedicated two week period, September 15 through 29, 2016, at the University of Southern California (USC), the finalists were exposed to the latest breakthroughs and research being done to advance the Martian cause, allowing them to evolve their projects based on this new information for their final presentation.

The Gala celebrated a year, more for some, of hard work and acknowledged the winners in style. That style specified on the invitation as a ‘Martian Cocktail.’ The Gala was held at Wallis Annenberg Hall, School of Journalism at USC. The IT team was directed by Frank Miuccio (IT Director) and the exhibition was produced by a design team from Catapult Satellite of London, Joel Freedman and Fernando Carballal. The soirée started with the design panels exhibition, showing the updated work; technical, business and artistic highlights of the 20 projects.

The Mars City Design team transformed the Journalism basement classroom into a high-end art gallery; The quiet dark room was successfully crowded by 88 people, ambulating each level of the amphitheater, creating a Martian mood with red ambient light projected onto the ceiling.

A hint of Martian fragrance, a concept that was born in Silicon Valley when the two, Heather d’Angelo from CARTA and Vera Mulyani had lunch and talked about the Martian regolith inspired “First Fragrance Made for Life on Mars”. The perfume will be available to the public in 2017 in the Mars City Design online Store.

While some are fully absorbed by the Mars City Virtual Reality (VR) installation, lead by Neil McHenry, where we could virtually visit the buildings and experience the city with the NASA VR converted Martian landscape, audiences tasted Mars themed appetizers created by one of the artists of Mars City Design Team, Evin Wald; from Chocolate MeteorBites and Red Planet CraterCakes to Regolith Crudites, H2O “Imported from Earth” and Sparking Martian Cider.

The audience was then led to the main Auditorium where the Gala began with Jeff Demain, CEO of Hantheon, welcoming Vera Mulyani, the Founder & CEO of Mars City Design and the President of Mars City Foundation, “the Marschitect.”

The Gala included Special guest speaker Jim Erickson from JPL NASA, followed by a viewing of videos documenting the journey of the Mars City Design Competition and Workshop.

Closing out the night we had the one-and-only, Buzz Aldrin grace the stage to share his vision of the Martian Colony.

From here some designs will continue on their path toward creating prototypes and some will be hosted in Mojave Desert.

Through the Competition & Workshop many contestants benefited from exposure to the private sector and continue to inspire the grander public; Karan Gandhi from Manchester UK earned his scholarship through his design ‘Neurosynthesis’ and was invited to speak in front of a young audience at the Architecture College in Indore.

Dean Little, one of the winner of Mars City Design 2016 and innovator of ‘Mars Clock’, ‘LPS’ and ‘MTP’, from Australia can now share his experience, to inspire and encourage the creation of a Space Agency in Australia, someone who is passionate and talented now has the opportunity to contribute to the Mars mission.

Mars City Design Competition 2017 is officially OPEN for registration, welcoming all of you to create your second home on Mars. For details on the MCD 2017 competition please visit: