Alexander Cadain

Alexandre Cadain is an entrepreneur and researcher, specialized in hybrid intelligence processes and exponential imagination.

Graduated from HEC Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure, and La Sorbonne, he explores both applications of exponential technologies and collective creations. He believes we are in the midst of the Digital Renaissance, a unique moment in which technological progress turns most of yesterday’s fictions into reality, therefore enhancing the direct power of collective imagination. He developed a specific methodology for a responsible and accelerated creation, using the future as a medium.

He ran two art galleries in Paris before engaging in a developing countries tour where he applied exponential technologies to tackle economic and energy challenges in Cameroun, North India, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia. He now designs architectural and public art plans in Paris and Tokyo, leads the Postdigital research program at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and teaches anticipation and speculative thinking at HEC Paris. He joined XPRIZE and will deal specifically with the IBM Watson AI Prize.
By joining Mars City Design, he expands his interest for speculative design overspace, where he finds the unknown as the most exciting driver for creation.
This engagement is part of the Futurity program he works on with international artists and scientists to imagine and build collective art projects addressing the future.