Major Tom’s Spacesuit™



Cosmic Burn Scent. One of our spacewalker Astronauts told us the story of how the International Space Station has a very good fresh air circulating system, beside, after 3 hours being inside, we adapt our smelling awareness that there is no longer any distinguished odor. So it was difficult to know which pleasant fragrance would bring back the beautiful memory of this astronaut when he was in space, until he mentioned how he remembers so well when his colleague came back into the vessel after few hours performing a spacewalk outside, that he could smell the cosmic burn on his colleague’s spacesuit.

We then call the master piece of our ‘Earth Memory™’ collections: The “Major Tom’s Spacesuit” as our first ‘Space Memories™’ collections! The artist combined a list of distinct and rare fragrance to illustrate what space and the Galaxy would smell like. For you to find out what could be in the combination of it!