Earth Memories


Inside the black box, there are 6 collections of fragrance:

Beach Breeze

Desert Rain

Stargazing Bonfire

Fresh Cut Grass

Winter Forest

Horse Barn




When you go to Mars, this kit of different fragrance will remind you of Earth and maybe transport you to the most powerful and beautiful moment you had, from your childhood memory, to your family time, your home, your first date (s), but most importantly those intimate times you had, when you were with nature. That moment, when you met the beautiful nature of Earth, how did it smell like? 

This is a wonderful gift to offer to the people you are close with, as we smell the fragrance, it will transport each of us to  different times and places.

The collection of these fragrances can also be applied with a few drops to your vaporizer, or aromatic device, giving a subconscious pleasant smell and atmosphere to your room and your moment…