Our Kickstarter: A Success!


After the hard work, the sweat, the desperation, faith had revived the grit to win, Mars City Design crowdfunding campaign was successfully funded via Kickstarter with 123 backers pledging $30,382!

The campaign went for 30 days and ended on 08/11/2016. The Mars City Design team congratulates all contestants who will participate in the Workshop and thank all the backers for their full support and unforgettable last minute performance! “Like a Rocket trajectory!”

 Here is our story, please visit the UPDATE pages: “City on Mars: A Mars City Design Workshop”

“Workshop of world renowned leaders in space exploration. Be part of the effort to build the first city on Mars!”

Our Power Lab science retreat will be held on September 15-29, 2016 at the University of Southern California.

CALL for REGISTRATIONS (This includes volunteers who are willing to help Mars City Foundation coordinating team). Visit MARS CITY POWER LAB 2016

We are also looking for SPONSORS: who will benefit some exposure on our Mars City Innovations documentary show project.

For sponsorship: E-mail us for more info HERE.

Others who are interested in being part of this and are willing to contribute financially to the non-profit foundation: We still offer the KICKSTARTER Reward list, you can donate directly HERE and let us know your rewards. E-mail us HERE.