Mars – Los Angeles

DEC 1st 2016, at 6PM- 9:30PM at Cross Campus Downtown LA, 800 Wilshire Bvd #200, Los Angeles.

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Dec 3rd, 2016 Exhibition at Dolby Theater, Hollywood.

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Mars -LA

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Mars – Los Angeles is a pre TEDx LA talk that will be hosted by Mars City Design Ambassador Alexandre Cadain, New Worlds’ organizer Mathieu Goudot, and Spaceport LA team, inviting Mars City President & Founder Vera Mulyani and her collaborators Thomas Séries from Séries & Séries, Master of Jedi: Loretta Whitesides, and Framestore.


The Experience Sessions with:
Mars City Design Workshop (See below)
– Framestore VR Workshop
– Jedi Training Workshop
Exhibition, presentation

Intro “What if LA moved to Mars”
by Alexandre Cadain, Founder XTOPIA, head “LA, Mars” mission

Gravity, The Martian, Mars, the studio behind our space and martian imagination
by James Razzall, Managing Director at Framestore

Los Angeles Jedi training
by Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Co-creator of Yuri’s Night, The World Space Party and lead Jedi Training at Virgin Galactic
+ Q&A

Mars City Design projects

by Vera Mulyani, by Thomas Sériès

Lava tubes and Water
by Vera Mulyani and Dr. J.R. Skok.

Challenges on Mars found in Los Angeles
Water issue and imagined solution
by Vera Mulyani
+ Q&A

Cocktail & Appetizer

Mars City Design Workshop
for pre TEDx LA (6-7PM Dec 1st 2016, preceding the talk)
Led by Vera Mulyani, Bill Janczewski and Gabriela Lindberg.
In the occasion of Pre TEDx LA where Mars City Design questions and attempts to apply the vision of a sustainable city on Mars to Los Angeles, we would like to invite you to join our think-tank on the question of water and activities in Los Angeles.
Become the explorer in time, uniting the future and past to the present through creating a fresh story together; Using photography, documenting the memory of the future of Los Angles-Mars.
Take 5 photos. Pick one subject below:
(If selfie: using strictly the same pose, on different background, selfie stick recommended). You have choices of subjects:
1. Showing Los Angeles landscape that remind you to Mars
2. Find Water source in LA
It can be banal / macro water sources like ocean or rain or river but please make it your unique point of view.
It can also be rare / micro water sources like underneath the leaves, inside a fresh coconut, your glass of water, your neighbor’s tears…
3. Drought in LA
This can be the opposite of #2 and can be for #1
Find a place where it used to have water but it is dry now,
or find a place where it is dry today but if a disaster comes then we may have water there…
The Workshop starts at 5PM-6PM Dec 1st at El Camp, El Segundo
6PM-7PM exhibiting your photo, but we recommend that you experience Los Angeles the way you may want to explore Mars by collecting this treasure (of pictures) that will help us put a story together with you.
Dedicate a day for you to travel inside Los Angles with this focus in mind and hunt for those landscapes!
Please make sure you have a Hi-RES photo quality and it should be photos owned by you.
The selected photos will be exhibited at our TEDx LA and international/global social media of Mars City Design.

On Dec 3rd, 2016, at Dolby Theater in Holywood, Mars City Design will exhibit the works of Mars City Design Winners 2016, Virtual Reality Experience in collaboration with USC Journalism School.

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