Mars City Design Challenge 2017 Semi-Finalists

Out of the 135 registrations who submitted to Mars City Design Challenge 2017, 15 highly advanced designs from different categories have been selected to further compete at the semi-finals on an International stage!
Here are the list of the teams, in alphabetic order by name of the project.

Around Mars in 80 days by Zoé Ghiron & Team, École Polytechnique

Ætheras (Pure Air) by Tarek Ben Slimane & Team, École Polytechnique

Cooperative Robot Flock by  Chase Thurmond & The ENVI team, Coleman University

Exosphere by Bazzi Wael & Team

Helios by Ewen Dantec & Team, École Polytechnique

Marscapes/Earthscapes/mind(es)capes by Romarie Gonzales & Arturo Hernández

Nomadicizer by Asal Shokati & Reza Eslami

Project Fuller by Clara Lee, CMU

PTV by Adrian Pelkus and Nicholas Genevois

Color Wheel City by Diane Turnshek, Dean Mougianis & Matt Finlay, CMU

Red Wood Forest by Valentina Sumini and Sam Wald & Team, MIT

Smart Waste Management/Transportation System by PRatian

Swarm by Dean Little, Ares Astronautic

Telepathy 2.o by Amina Jambo, USC

Tree of Life by Samel El Sayary & Team

CONGRATULATIONS to the competing teams!

We would like to also thank:

Mars City Ambassadors for your dedication and hard work: Louise Fleischer, Florence Duveiller, Britt Duffy Adkins, Nicholas McKay, Daniel John Fitzgerald, Ava Iranmanesh, Alexandre Cadain, Bill Janczewski, Lauren Apsokardu, Andrew & Gabriela Lindberg.

Mars City Jury team and Advisors: Col. Buzz Aldrin, Artemis Westenberg, J.R. Skok, P.P. Mathew, Col. Pete Worden, James K. Erickson, Steven Madge, Slade Gardner, Madhu Thangavelu, André Doumitt, Roy Nakagawa, Martha Hess, Frank Miuccio, Jay Dickson, Jeremy & Rachelle Ornan Stone, Joel Freedman, Fernando Carballal…

Mars City Sponsors and Collaborators: Dassault Systems, JPL NASA, Caltech, ESA, Aerospace Corporation, RRS, USC, MIT, Spaceport LA, Hantheon, Catapult Satellite, Bluegill Solar, Credit Line Capital, Digital Hollywood…

More detailed information and a teaser of each project will premiere at:

The Mars City Fundraising Dinner

May 25th, 2017

with Digital Hollywood at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Early RSVP for our Martian Dinner here >

Stay tuned.