Mars City Design & Carnegie Mellon University

It is with a great honor that Mars City Design competition 2015-2016 was included in the curriculum of Carnegie Mellon University – Space Architecture Mars studio 2016.

Professor Christina Ciardullo, one of the design team members of the Mars Ice House, the recently first place winner of NASA’s Centennial Challenge to 3D print on Mars, is leading the students developing their conceptual stage for Mars City Design competition 2015-2016.

The focus of the studio is to bring sustainability to the front line of designing the prototypes of human environment and habitat, populating the Red Planet. The developping ideas span from ‘the human body evolution on Mars’ to ‘Martian materials artistically 3D printed for its first inhabitants.’

The Q&A video of Mars City Design and the students presenting their innovation in design, architecture and space technology will be screened in London, for the Space Innovation Congress, April 7-8, 2016

image credit: SEArch/CloudsAO