Mars City Design at TEDx Los Angeles, Dec 2016

“Love you to Mars and back” -vm

By Mars City Design Team with Séries & Séries, For TEDx LA

Image by Thomas Séries and Séries.
Image by Thomas Séries and Séries. A vision of Mars City Research Center in Mojave.

The ‘Marsshot’ with Mars City Design

A ‘Moonshot’ is a commonly used phrase nowadays, but in the world of Mars City Design, we call it a Marsshot…and we’re not talking about martian tequila.

Mars City Design started as an international competition to design the first cities on Mars. The success of a crowdfunding campaign resulted in a 10 day in-person workshop, MCD PowerLab, held at The University of Southern California (USC). 

Our Mars Architects, or Marschitects as we like to call them, focused on developing sustainable cities on Mars using designs & technologies that would mutually benefit life on Earth.

The ‘Marsshot’ is a mission, not just to design and develop human-friendly habitats on Mars based on solely on the measure of sustainability, but to create environments where humans can truly 

live and love on Mars. 

In Venice beach we talk about artists being some of the first people living on Mars. From Martian poems to the Red planet perfume, from Martian tea to Victoria Crater Pinot Noir, imagine the creative drive we can pass on to future generations, bringing the spirit of carpe diem into the future. The beauty of infinite possibility of art in life at this level is beyond basic entrepreneurship, it requires true visionaries.

After decades of urban practice and in search of harmonizing technology with aesthetics and environmentally responsible ways of living, Mars City Design has begun the process of building a prototype of a 3D printed “Mars City Center,” in Mojave Desert. The project will experiment with the sustainability, beauty and green aspects of the selected winning concepts of the Mars City Design 2016 Competition.

Sometimes to take a leap, we actually need to take a step back, enlarging our frame of vision and see the whole tree before adding more leaves….the leap to Mars will require just that. Mars City Design has stepped back to Mars to take in a full view of life on Earth, in order to build a life on Mars, and with Los Angeles as Mars City Design’s birthplace, L.A. has become the launching pad for the very first Marsshot! Chin chin!