Interview with Andy Weir, the author of “The Martian”


Mars City Design will have the 2nd (exciting) interview with the author of ‘The Martian’,  Andy Weir, after his upcoming trip to Toronto, for the Toronto International Film Festival, to give some blessings to the Premier of the film, starring Matt Damon.

During a recent AIAA conference in Pasadena, on Wednesday Sept 2, 2015, some of NASA’s representatives shared about the progress of our research and discovery on the Journey to Mars. (MARS 2030). Some of them had seen the rough cut of “The Martian” film and truly got inspired and encouraged. They experienced their imagination to set foot on Mars became almost real.

“It is hard but we can do this!”, said one of the panelists, while another one commented: “‘Interstellar’ is very sci-fi next to ‘The Martian’. This felt real, the challenges here are real!”

The movie is coming out on October 2nd 2015. Grab a seat!

For those who would like to ask any interesting questions to our Mars hero, Andy Weir, before September 18th, please send an email to