What should I do to participate in the competition?

Simply register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mars-city-design-challenge-2017-tickets-26977951780

More information: http://www.marscitydesign.com/#!design-competition-1/o7mia

Who can participate in the competition?

Anyone! A new life for a new city encompasses all fields and expertise. Every year we will highlight some themes that would be useful to keep completing our prior winning designs. We believe that we are all gifted with brilliant ideas, it is only up to us to bring them to life!

How should I start?

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mars-city-design-challenge-2017-tickets-26977951780
We will send you a password to access our Registration package. Inside the package you can find some suggestions on how to start with your ideas, find a team (or not necessarily), follow the method for unique, innovative and impactful results.

When does the challenge take place?

See our Annual Calendar http://www.marscitydesign.com/#!design-competition-1/o7mia
Some details are inside your Submission package

Where does the challenge take place?

You will work with your own team remotely. The Mars City Design team can request a Skype/ Zoom meeting, recorded to be edited into your submission. If you get selected to the final, you will continue working remotely with our team and maybe asked to come to Los Angeles.

How can I win? What are the qualifications of the challenge?

There are important criteria to be built along the journey of your participation:

Your availability, engagement to advance the project and the quality of our collaboration are the major criteria for your qualification,

The content of your design follows:

innovative, personal, unique, sustainable, applicable to Earth, impactful for humanity, out of the box futuristic vision.
The concepts need to be applicable and benefit Earth at our time,
The technology applied need to respond to the context and accuracy of the Martian condition,
The choice of the design submitted need to contain some attachment to a personal story or childhood.

What materials do we need to submit?

3-7 minutes pitch video (Introduction to the team and what the project is)
The submission form containing the story and background of the project;
3D and 2D rendering of the project. PDF, PSD, .mov, 3D Max, Autocad…Find the details in the submission package you receive after Registering”

What are this year’s Categories?



from the scale of pedestrian to the scale of cities.

This year’s secondary themes include:


Robotic life imitating the design of animals who can help humans to collect food, recycle waste, build shelters, mine…


Power Supply / Waste Management

What is the next step after we get selected?

If you get selected to the final, you will have the choice to either continue working remotely with Mars City Design team, developing as far as we can or if you decide to discontinue for any reasons, Mars City Design team will hand over the projects to the development teams.

What are the winning prizes?

Mars City Design awards a prestigious worldwide recognition to the winning teams, professional connections: depending on the kind of project you submit, your project can gain a business opportunity in the aerospace industry, as well as in the mass market.