Elon Musk and Andy Weir on “The Martian”

Mars City Design attended the New Space Conference 2015 on July 18th in San Jose, California. Andy Weir, author of New York Times bestselling book, “The Martian”, was at the Awards Gala evening and was granted the “Best Presentation of Space” Award.

Mars City Design had an exclusive interview with Andy who kindly responded to some crucial questions, which Elon Musk was also concerned about, expressed at the ISS R&D Conference 2015. (In this interview, Elon commented on Falcon 9 explosion that happened just a week before, on his Birthday, June 28, 2015.)

The movie adaptation of Andy’s book, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels, is scheduled to debut on October 2, 2015.