CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

June 17, 2016



Today, the design team from Catapult joined forces with Mars City Design to support our innovation platform, in a mission to propel the creative minds in designing a city for MARS.

Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space.

Its vision – ‘to innovate for a better world, empowered by satellites’ – will be achieved by helping businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and applications.

This is part of its objective of helping grow the UK space industry and capture 10% of the global space market by 2030.

The Catapult works with the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality.