Our Kickstarter: A Success!


After the hard work, the sweat, the desperation, faith had revived the grit to win, Mars City Design crowdfunding campaign was successfully funded via Kickstarter with 123 backers pledging $30,382!

The campaign went for 30 days and ended on 08/11/2016. The Mars City Design team congratulates all contestants who will participate in the Workshop and thank all the backers for their full support and unforgettable last minute performance! “Like a Rocket trajectory!”

 Here is our story, please visit the UPDATE pages: “City on Mars: A Mars City Design Workshop”

“Workshop of world renowned leaders in space exploration. Be part of the effort to build the first city on Mars!”

Our Power Lab science retreat will be held on September 15-29, 2016 at the University of Southern California.

CALL for REGISTRATIONS (This includes volunteers who are willing to help Mars City Foundation coordinating team). Visit MARS CITY POWER LAB 2016

We are also looking for SPONSORS: who will benefit some exposure on our Mars City Innovations documentary show project.

For sponsorship: E-mail us for more info HERE.

Others who are interested in being part of this and are willing to contribute financially to the non-profit foundation: We still offer the KICKSTARTER Reward list, you can donate directly HERE and let us know your rewards. E-mail us HERE.

Where do you think iPad design came from?

Re: Space Odyssey 1968
Re: Space Odyssey 1968

Futurist thinking, imagination and design ideas often help catalyze today’s progress. The idea of designing a future home in Space or on other Planets may seem unreal or rather useless at first. The logical mind does its job to filter and make choices based on the economy of effort, avoiding the unnecessary, and focusing effort on that which is more tangible and urgent.

However, as we can see, new ideas and tools are invented every day.  From the Iphone to a microwave, from an anti-mosquito, or anti-malaria derived tennis racket, to a 3D printed kidney – and soon, instant delivery drones and an air-to-water converter. See some more proof HERE.

Whose mind will lead to making our life easier next?

Virtual Reality goggle vs Star Trek headset

CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

June 17, 2016



Today, the design team from Catapult joined forces with Mars City Design to support our innovation platform, in a mission to propel the creative minds in designing a city for MARS.

Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space.

Its vision – ‘to innovate for a better world, empowered by satellites’ – will be achieved by helping businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and applications.

This is part of its objective of helping grow the UK space industry and capture 10% of the global space market by 2030.

The Catapult works with the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality.


Our Kickstarter is LIVE!

Mars City Design launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the Mars City Power Lab workshop this summer.

In this workshop, our TOP 25 contestants will gather at the USC to merge their designs and develop further the technology for a sustainable city on Mars.

Only with your help, this will become possible.

Please check out our fun Martian rewards: from “The Martian” book, signed by the author Mr. Andy Weir, to an astronaut training health program.

We hope you could become our backer.

Invite your friends to become part of this great adventure!


Mars City Design at JPL NASA

Mars City Design had a chance to visit to JPL NASA once more. This time, the Rover 2020 was accompanying the announcement about: Mars City Power Lab workshop that will be taking place this summer at the USC, Los Angeles. July 29-August 20th, 2016. Please register ASAP.

For more information: www.marscityfoundation.org

Mars City Design will launch its Kickstarter for this workshop within a couple days. We hope you all can support us and enjoy the Martian rewards we have!

Mars City Design at the University of Southern California

Mars City Design, in collaboration with the University of Southern California, are supporting Mars City Foundation (501c3) to create a summer workshop and mentorship program, Mars City Power Lab (May-August 2016).

The beautiful venue on the USC’s campus, home of the USC Space Innovation and Business startup Program, will serve to facilitate the research and development of the innovations of Mars City Design competition’s TOP 20 projects.

This workshop will provide a mentorship program, featuring guest speakers invited by Mars City Design comprised of noted Mars experts from JPL NASA and the private sector, with the aim to progress together, sharing the same vision toward our journey to Mars.

We invite the public to support this great educational program through volunteering, or by supporting crowdfunding that will begin April 2016.

Contributors will benefit by receiving VIP access to the following:

*Mars City Foundation Private Event

*Film Premier of the Mars City Design Documentary

*The first exhibition of finalized projects

For more information, please contact Mars City Foundation >

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Project Manager has a special message for Mars City Design contestants.

An encouraging message for the contestants of Mars City Design competition 2015-2016 from James Erickson, at JPL NASA in Pasadena this morning. Wishing you all to make great efforts to reach the finish line for the first round of the competition: the conceptual stage. Your design and innovations are important, to help build a sustainable live, environment, our future city on Mars. “Get back to work!” -MCT

Mars City Design & Carnegie Mellon University

It is with a great honor that Mars City Design competition 2015-2016 was included in the curriculum of Carnegie Mellon University – Space Architecture Mars studio 2016.

Professor Christina Ciardullo, one of the design team members of the Mars Ice House, the recently first place winner of NASA’s Centennial Challenge to 3D print on Mars, is leading the students developing their conceptual stage for Mars City Design competition 2015-2016.

The focus of the studio is to bring sustainability to the front line of designing the prototypes of human environment and habitat, populating the Red Planet. The developping ideas span from ‘the human body evolution on Mars’ to ‘Martian materials artistically 3D printed for its first inhabitants.’

The Q&A video of Mars City Design and the students presenting their innovation in design, architecture and space technology will be screened in London, for the Space Innovation Congress, April 7-8, 2016

image credit: SEArch/CloudsAO