An Evening On Mars

Tonight, at the Skirball, Mars City Design and team will proudly announce our Challenges 2017 Finalists.

Please stay tuned. Our tickets are SOLD OUT. This will be an incredible evening with our future and actual Jury Team present in their “Martian touched” formal outfit.

We wish to thank our sponsor Dassault Systems, Ardbeg space whiskey, Victor Hardwood from Digital Hollywood, Alex Nguyen, RRS, collaborators, Spaceport LA, Lightspeed Innovations, Planetary Society, Aerospace Corporation, Virgin Galactic, Axiom, NASA JPL, California City, all of the guests who have purchased the tickets, supporting us, and volunteers who are working so hard to help this event to be phenomenal; Alex Zoppa (FOX production), Frank Miuccio (USC/RRS), Bill Janczewski, Mathieu Goudot (Hello Tomorrow), Gabriela and Andrew Lindberg, Francesca Rodriguez (SEDS), Cherie Chung, Kaan Pinar (Lightspeed), Kara Dake, Ava Iranmanesh (MIT),  Karin Klossterman (Flux IoT, Mars Farm), Sophia Stuart (PcMag press), Susie Remo and the chef team from the Skirball, our Master of Ceremony Gray Bright and Kyle Mcauley for the incredible energy to run the show, our singer Joanna Wallfisch and Daniel Corall, our DJ Martian Mixer Freddy Neutron & Matthew Rac!