An Evening On Mars


Join us for our 1st Annual Fundraising Gala, dedicated to creative visionairies and investors who wish to have the unique, firsthand experience of dining with astronauts and space experts.

Hosted by Vera Mulyani, the Founder & CEO of Mars City Design™ in collaboration with Digital Hollywood, Mars City Design™ has created a Martian themed dinner to give a taste of what dining might be like on Mars.

Mars City Design™ has teamed up with the Skirball Cultural Center and their award winning Chefs to design and adapt the delicacies of the future…you will experience fresh produce from Martian Farms, Martian Vineyard Wine and vegetarian butchers.

This event is not only meant for the promotion of the the human mission to go to Mars and beyond, but also to revolutionize the idea of life in space and on Mars. Square Roots (by Kimbal Musk), Herbivore Butcher, Mars Farm and other pioneers have begun developing and popularizing this concept, through hydroponic and aquaponic gardens. We will savor this new variation of eating healthy as if we were on another planet!

As a guest of this Mars experience, you will also get to enjoy the visual entertainment of a HIRES video, by artist Jan Fröjdman.

At the event, we will be unveiling:

The Mars City Design project, in the Mojave desert, opening the opportunity for you to be involved in the development of sustainable, 3D printed, Martian inspired, smart-homes, space center and education.

Along with guest speaker Mayor Jennifer Wood from California City, Mojave and our brilliant Space Master of Ceremony, Gray Bright!

Among our VIP guests:

Pete Worden

Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation, (Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret., PhD) Former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center and US Air Force.

David Bearden

General Manager – NASA & Civil Space Programs at The Aerospace Corporation

Loretta Whitesides

Founder Astronaut and Consultant at Virgin Galactic, Founder of Yuri’s night, Mentor and Master of Space Jedi.

MENU and AGENDA 6:30PM – 9:30PM

Your Evening on Mars will begin the evening with a variety of lite bites that will complement our Martian wine, champagne & craft beer selection.

Our Thai Spring Rolls with Red Planet dipping sauce and Tuna Tartar served in a Black Crater Cone will tantalize your tastebuds…and you won’t want to miss the introduction of “Martian Meat” used for our Chicken Tikka MarSatay.

After your appetites have been primed, we will all gather together in the dining room to begin the evenings festivities opening with a Welcome & Introduction to Mars City Design followed by a one of a kind dining experience.

Our menu will include…

Galactic Greens with Goat Cheese & Walnut Vinaigrette

Your Choice of…

*Supernova Sautéed Salmon with Red-Green-Blue Mars Tri-Color Vegetable Sauce & Saffron Basmati Rice 

*Celestial Chimay Ale Braised Boneless Shortribs with Walnut Mustard Sauce, Matt Damon’s Mashed Potatoes with no Ketchup.

*Roasted Free-Range “Martian-Meat” with a Date MARSala Wine Sauce, Phobos & Deimos dust on Vegetables.  

After a taking your palate to Mars, we will take you there visually with a Mars video experience, followed by a live performance and the announcement of our Mars City Design Finalists.

We will close out the evening with an Extraterrestrial Trio of desserts accompanied by our “Space Whiskey” and an exciting Raffle and Martian musics.

You won’t want to miss this special evening…it will truly be out of this world!

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NOTE: All tickets are final sale, non-transferable and non-reimbursable.

Dress Code: Black Tie, with a touch of Martian. Surprise us!