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Our Mission

“Mars City Design is the thought leadership, toward the human aspects of sustainable living on Mars, where it is not survivability, but its actual human cultural living” – Slade Gardner, Aerospace & Space Advanced Manufacturing Expert.

“Mars City Design – cultivates innovative designs with aerospace engineering to develop technological solutions that will power the first city on Mars.” – Dean Little, Ares Astronautics

“Mars City Design is the next step toward a living solution on Mars, which will benefit Earth immediately”. – Vera Mulyani , Founder & CEO of Mars City Design

Our Story

A futuristic past.

Mars City Design was born from the vision of Vera Mulyani, who always dreamt of becoming an architect of Mars. Founded in Silicon Beach in Los Angeles, California, Mars City Design™ has become the action step to realizing not just the exploration of Mars, but making Mars the second home for humans.

Mulyani explains, “It is not enough to just travel to Mars and survive, now we must develop a way in which we can sustainably live and love on Mars. It is essential that we call on a new generation of thinkers and innovators to make this a reality.”

Our Mission

The vision for a better tomorrow.

Mars City Design’s mission is to create a blueprint for sustainable cities on Mars.

Our Purpose

A unity of science and art. 

Mars City Design™ bridges the gap between leading STEM experts, scientists and engineers, with influencers from the vast landscape of artistic vocations within entertainment, media and beyond.

Our Commitment

A call for action!

Mars City Design™ actively seeks partnership with forward thinking brands, companies and cultural influencers to launch this endeavor and write our future history.

Together, we will pioneer humankind’s very first journey to Mars. Come aboard today! 

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